Hello Comrades

Comrade Donald J Trump

Comrade Donald J. Trump: Make America Great Again for Vladimir Putin. Is Donald Trump a Manchurian President for the Russian Federation or a xenophobic, sociopath, narcissist con man and a wannabe Emperor with no balls?

One thing appears clear, Donald J. Trump is an apparent puppet of Vladimir Putin.

4 thoughts on “Hello Comrades”

  1. Great minds really do think in like channels. For a few weeks I’ve been scheming (just in my head) to produce bumper stickers with:
    “You Will Vote for Comrade Trumpanov!” and a picture of Trump wearing one of those big Russian fur hats.

    I like the poster here even better!

  2. Hello, communist here. Holy shit this is fucked up, like just read a paragraph of Marx or Lenin or something. Trump is a Capitalist war criminal. Putin is a Capitalist Oligarch. And I’ll make this very very clear, we communists are against Capitalists, Fascists, Nazis, Tyrants, and Slavers. That goes for Hillary “Libya has Slave markets thanks to me” Clinton too.

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